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Discover mental patterns that are blocking you from advancing your goals and vision.

Gain more clarity of mind and confidence to improve your focus and decision-making.

Improve your sense of joy, calm and well-being.

Explore what your vision looks like and decide on which first step you'll take TODAY to get there.

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As a leader, it can be frustrating to feel

  • You’re not reaching your full potential.
  • Your personal life is constantly on the back-burner.
  • Your work is negatively affecting your wellbeing and relationships.

This is a tough situation because you

  • Love your job!
  • Find great purpose in promoting wellbeing and growth among others.
  • Want to make changes, but there never is enough time to even think about how, what or when.
Experience the Power of Coaching

Create time and space for personal and professional growth.

Receive tools to manage your stress and gain more clarity of mind.

Develop more confidence in yourself as a leader.

Inspire others so that the shared values, mission and vision are lived and felt by all in the community.

My Coaching is Right for You if You Are:

High-achieving and experienced.

Going through a stressful career or life transition.

Committed to growth, but have reached the limits of what you can do by yourself.

Feeling stuck in certain areas, “busy”, reactive, stressed, or lacking joy and inspiration.

Struggling to focus on the bigger picture, your purpose, your organization’s vision.

Giving your best self to work, but lacking presence at home.

Missing someone with whom you can process your own thinking - it can be lonely being a leader.

What a marvelous experience! Karin has a real knack for helping me sort out the mental clutter that I experience when I’m in my own head.
Nicholas Miller
Machine Learning Engineer at Adobe
At work and home I stepped aside to look at my behavioural patterns from a more distant but friendly perspective, I learnt how the saboteurs work and how they are in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Also, having empathy for others and their own saboteurs made me feel much more forgiving and connected with others.
Kati Wolfänger
German Teacher/Careers Counsellor at International School of The Hague
I became aware of past patterns that weren’t serving me, and I’ve been able to completely change them. I’m now much happier with myself. I didn’t realize how much I had changed, how I was doing things that weren’t good for me. I am back to the Christy I used to be. I feel strong in myself. I feel confident.
Christy Mathers
Math and Science Teacher at Mont'Kiara International School

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Discover which saboteurs might be interfering with your goals.

Explore what your personal and professional vision looks like.

Decide on which first step you'll take TODAY to get there.

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