Success Stories

I started coaching with Karin to gain traction on elusive long term goals - things I’d been working on for years, but hadn’t made much progress with.

I had some doubts about what the purpose of coaching would be for me, whether I needed it, or how it might help. I decided to go ahead with it anyway based on the first meetings I had with Karin, particularly the one where we talked about getting into classrooms. It was enlightening to see through our discussion that what I had perceived as obstacles to getting into classrooms weren’t the source of the problem.

For years I’ve read so much about mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing, but struggled to practice consistently in the midst of a busy life with young children and a demanding job. The PQ training was incredibly powerful for me. It has provided a simple and incredibly effective way to tap into this knowledge, be present and feel happy and calm. I have found that PQ enables me to address many of the challenges around balance, stress and focus that contribute to my coaching goals. It’s so simple and it works!

What makes Karin an effective coach for educators is that she shares a love of learning and commitment to students. She understands why this work is so hard and so important. She’s patient and a great listener. Rather than give advice, she asks questions that help me to see or maybe to hear my own reflections more clearly so that I can advise myself.

Regarding coaching outcomes, today, one of my students said that I seem a lot less busy! I feel more empowered to take on the challenges of a new role. Most of all, I thought that these were pretty much just my issues and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing them. As a new leader, I feel like I ought to have this figured out. The coaching sessions and the PQ pods have helped me to see that many of my questions and challenges are shared by others, and, as a result, I’m able to give myself a bit more grace.

Absolutely 5 stars!

Marie Favret

Secondary School Principal at The International School of Azerbaijan

I experienced burnout due to a combination of personal and professional circumstances during a major international move and career change. I lost confidence in my skills and abilities, and my mind and body became ruled by fear, panic and negative self talk.

My main doubt about coaching with Karin was my ability to make the time and monetary commitment for it, but I discovered that my job was able to support me on both fronts. I also had a fear of failing the program, which I later discovered is not an option. The only way to fail is to just give up. The way the program is setup, the issues are literally ones that everyone has. And that the solutions are literally ones that everyone can succeed at. It’s just a matter of putting the commitment and doing them.

The neurobiology behind PQ muscle building is fascinating! That simply activating a different part of your brain repeatedly can result in much more calm, clarity and awareness.

Karin has a unique understanding and perspective on the many nuanced challenges that come along with being an international educator. She is able to provide support through an intercultural lens and is able to speak from experience about the interconnectedness of transitions in the personal and professional space.

Karin is also incredibly empathetic, compassionate, but steadfast, good at accountability, and circling back to what the goals are. She is able to funnel the conversation to the issues at hand and help you find resolutions that are concrete.

In a short time I have noticed increased confidence, better productivity, identifying the internal negative voices that hold me back and amplifying positive self-confidence that pushes me forward. I’ve also increased my resilience. I still have challenging days, but I have a game plan now.

My experience with Karin: Five stars all the way!

Sarah Pearl

Assistant Director International Student Transitions at Council of International Schools

After years of traditional therapies, I had lost hope. Therapy was too slow for what I was going through and not fixing the immediate problems that were bringing me down and keeping me stuck. Karin came recommended, but I was hesitant, because my previous coaching experiences weren’t great. But I trusted Karin and decided it was worth trying.

My most important insight from coaching is how easy it is to actually control the negative voices once you know they are there, by just focusing on one of my senses. Who knew it was so simple!

Karin is a wonderful coach. She is a great listener, which makes people feel heard and feel like they matter. I have never met any professional so capable of being present for their client, so able to notice and ask about spaces in their sentences, changes in their demeanour, an eyebrow or glow in their eye, and all of these through the screen! She picks up on things that you don’t even realise you’ve said or done.

Karin asks questions that I haven’t had any other therapist, coach, or person ask me. She does it in a very safe way; you never feel forced to answer.

She is totally non-judgemental. No matter how wild or different the other person is, she is completely open-minded, positive, and patient.

Her coaching makes you deeply think about what you are saying and become aware of own mental structures. This heightened awareness, the constructive approach of making decisions and plans, helps you progress faster to what you’re aiming for instead of mindlessly running around.

I am now almost completely out of my depression after about 9 months. It’s worked way faster than therapy. I have tools for when I struggle, and I use them daily. My structure and willpower, which used to be very difficult to keep constant, have become easy. Coaching has helped me a lot with my restlessness and my ability to focus.

If you feel lost or stuck in any area of your life, here is someone that will 100% find the way to help you out. 6/5 stars!

Marta Masse

Business Development Manager, Entrepreneur and Sales Consultant

I needed a new direction in life and Karin helped me find it. Working with Karin as a coach individually and in a group setting with the PQ program, helped me see areas of my life that I was sabotaging. Because Karin is thoughtful, whip-smart, and caring, she is able to guide her clients with clarity and a sense of purpose.

I highly recommend Karin as a mental fitness coach. She will show you how to build your mental fitness in no time, but the rest is in you.

Karinna Jones-Ianello

English Teacher at Camas School District

After 2 years of Covid, instead of looking forward to going back to the old routine I was dreading it. I realized that I wasn’t happy with some aspects of my life, and felt like maybe this was going to be the way it was going to be for the rest of my life: not particularly happy but semi comfortable with how things were. The way I saw it, this was a middle-age crisis. Should I try to change something? My circumstances? Myself? Or just hold on and see.

I didn’t know if I needed therapy, something else, or nothing at all. When someone proposed coaching to me, I was a bit sceptic, but it couldn’t hurt, so I gave it a go.

Just by taking the time to talk about my issues with someone else, in an honest and open way, with the shared goal of trying to find solutions, you start seeing things differently. And where I couldn’t see a solution, having an outsider’s perspective focused on helping you find it was extremely helpful.

Defining clear objectives or tasks to accomplish between sessions helped tremendously.

Above all else, what was surprising was the pace at which these actions were having an effect, I didn’t have an idea on how long it would take, but I didn’t expect for just a couple of months and 6 sessions in total to have the effect it did.

I changed my approach to job hunting in a healthier way. I had a sense of accountability to help with procrastinating and in general had a sense of accomplishment that led to happier self.

Yesterday, I started on my new job, a job that checks boxes that I wouldn’t have contemplated if it wasn’t for Karin.

Raul Masse

Senior Test Automation Engineer at Luxhub

I have been coached by Karin over the last 6 months, and the meetings have become amazing space to be in.

Her coaching presence and the safe atmosphere that she creates are a perfect combo to reflect, mirror and grow. Her teaching background and natural curiosity feel like a genuine combination to make the right questions.

Not feeling judged or disregarded at any time, plus all the above, helps to sit on an environment that allows vulnerability to flow, and with that answers to your own questions just appear.

The combination of those factors and her Positive Intelligence techniques have really helped me to get out of “the feeling stuck” sensation and realize other ways of acting, thinking and overcoming personal and professional issues.

I could not recommend her enough to anyone going through a transition in their lives.

Julia Viladomiu


I was going through some big and difficult things, lots of transition. I knew I needed support, and I didn’t think my therapist could help me any more. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Karin or the coaching could help me either, but I had worked with her. I knew she was nice, very professional, dedicated, and that she did nothing half-assed. So I trusted Karin to be the same in coaching.

I wasn’t sure about the PQ program in the beginning. In my mind wiggling my toes and breathing would not have the strength to change my current state of mind. I found that simply slowing down and focusing on just one thing intensely did in fact help. Knowing how to calm yourself down, and realizing when you’ve been sabotaged, that self-awareness is invaluable.

Learning about the saboteurs was what really helped me. I didn’t believe it at first, but they are very real! If something is feeling difficult, there is a saboteur involved. So now, when things feel challenging, I sit down, stop, and ask myself, what’s wrong here? Before, I would avoid and ignore the problem, keep going, and hope it would go away. I finally understood what was holding me back and could verbalize it. Clearly, learning to identify my saboteurs and harness the powers of my sage can be used in all aspects of my life.

What can I say about Karin? Karin is good, no Karin is great, no Karin is mighty talented. Karin can see where you as a client want to be and can help to lead you there. As a result, the challenge becomes smaller and easier to deal with. It also makes me feel like we’ve accomplished something. At the end, I want to know that I’m further ahead than where I was when I started.

Karin understands that she cannot simply give you the answers you want, or you will not learn. Which, as painful as that sometimes is, and on occasion I have wished that Karin would just bail me out, she doesn’t. That being said, she is very good at pointing you in the right direction and guiding you to where you want to be. I can tell from her body language that she feels and understands what I’m going through, but she stays professional and doesn’t try to rescue me.

The fact that Karin was in education is very helpful. She has a full understanding of the stress, the burnout, the doing more than you should because you feel the dedication to the school and the students regardless whether they’re paying you for it or not. However, I don’t think the coaching is specifically for education, it’s universal.

Coaching has made me aware of past patterns that weren’t serving me, and I’ve been able to completely change them. I’m now much happier with myself. I am back to the Christy I used to be. I didn’t realize how much I had changed. I used to feel a big void, and I’d fill it with things that weren’t good for me. And now, I no longer do that. I have set boundaries and face challenges instead of avoiding them, and do things I enjoy and that are healthy for me. My relationships have improved. I feel strong in myself. I feel confident.

I could have probably got to the place I am now, on my own, but it would have taken me so much longer. Without the coaching, I would have still been in the mask phase: happy on the outside, but unhappy on the inside. I have had other therapists in the past, and I am happy to admit that I have made more progress in what I want to accomplish in terms of my mental health within the short time that I have had Karin as a coach than my previous therapist. If someone is ready to work towards becoming a mentally healthy person then I would highly recommend Karin as a guide to see them through.

5/5 stars

Christy Mathers

Math and Science Teacher at Mont'Kiara International School

I started meeting with Karin for career coaching sessions because I felt I needed a change in my career, but I wasn’t sure what. What a marvellous experience!

She has a real knack for helping me sort out the mental clutter that I experience when I’m in my own head. She never told me what to do or what to think, but she gave me the environment and the resources to figure out what I was thinking, to reflect critically on my assumptions, and to open myself up to different ways of thinking.

I wanted to end each session with a couple of manageable concrete steps I could take, so she helped me come up with those too. Now I’m doing what I want to be doing, and I am excited for what’s coming next in my career.

After our individual sessions reached a natural stopping point, I joined a Positive Intelligence pod which she led and facilitated. It was an absolutely lovely group of people, and Karin laid the groundwork for a really rewarding and supportive community!

Nicholas Miller

Machine Learning Engineer at Adobe

Karin introduced me to Positive Intelligence Coaching, which combines positive psychology, neurobiology, performance science, and cognitive-behavioral theory. The course’s focus is PQreps, which involves hyperfocusing on the senses for 10 seconds several times a day. This practice offers immediate stress relief and rewires the self-command area of the brain responsible for a calm state of mind and emotional self-sabotage reduction.

The program is straightforward, and the PQreps are easy to do with the help of a reminder app. As one continues to practice PQreps, the positive effects become more noticeable. Karin is an empathetic coach who encourages vulnerability and provides the right push to avoid victim saboteur.

This program has helped me deal with stressful situations on a long-term basis. PQreps are now part of my daily routine, and despite my extremely busy life as a full-time teacher and a single mother, I have had the easiest “come back” to school ever! The program has also helped me break down the invisible walls I had built up around myself and improve my relationships with colleagues.

As a teacher, I can see the benefits of implementing this coaching program in schools as part of mentorship and well-being programs. Karin’s knowledge of the program and prompt responses to queries make her an excellent coach. I highly recommend both Karin and Positive Intelligence Coaching to anyone, even those who consider themselves balanced, as practicing the exercises regularly can bring long-term positive effects under the guidance of a skilled coach.

Margarita Vallduriola

Subject Area Leader at International School of The Hague

Karin has the great talent to work with people in a very calm and clear manner. At the same time she creates a safe space for everyone, a space to express and develop yourself. She knows how to improve people’s positivity skills.

I personally found the PQ program very useful because the regular exercises, videos and readings slowly became part of my daily rhythm and changed my thinking patterns positively. At work and home I stepped aside to look at my behavioural patterns from a more distant but friendly perspective, I learnt how the saboteurs work and how they are in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Also, having empathy for others and their own saboteurs made me feel much more forgiving and connected with others.

I can only recommend this course with Karin!

Kati Wolfänger

German Teacher/Careers Counsellor at International School of The Hague

Karin is a fantastic person to have in your life. Karin coached me through my challenges. She helped me in dealing with a strong Judge saboteur. I constantly worried about how the world perceives me, how I always questioned what others think of me and how I believed I had to manage and lower my high energy level to avoid offending others.

She helped me reinforce one of my favourite quotes: “What other people think of me is none of my business”.

And I felt safe, never judged, understood, and supported throughout the sessions and between the sessions.

I am grateful to have her in my life. I highly recommend Karin as a coach for those who have inner battles that are difficult to tackle on their own.

Valeria Iatan

Sales Consultant at

I would strongly recommend Karin as your coach in any field (you name it! Career, study, EI, relationship, etc). She knows what she is doing and is very good at it. Lots of time, she can point to the core problem and guide you to solve the problem in a smart and kind way. Karin will pay attention to every word you say and make a genuine connection with our problems and that’s it, you will feel better after each session, knowing that she is there to support you!

Yeni Lim

Music Teacher at Hanoi International School

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